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Love & Lyrics Virtual Vibes Ep. 3
Love and Lyric Virtual Vibes Ep. 2
Love & Lyrics Virtual Vibes
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Let's talk about Autism
Love Notes Ep.2
Dating in 2023...Not For The Weak!

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What is the S.O.S Show?

Honoring heritage, building community, and uplifting the African Diaspora through, sharing stories and creating a platform of power for the Black voice - This is S.O.S.


Share Our Stories is a live audience talk show filmed in Pontiac, MI. The show is hosted by a Black woman, Mary Evans, and her all Black production team, in her Black-owned venue. We bring influential, dynamic, culture shifting, wealth building, and powerful speakers from all sectors of life to our stage to inspire and educate the African and Black community in America and around the world. We invite impactful speakers of all followings to open for our main speakers. We provide an opportunity for exposure and empowerment within Black industries, communities, economics, arts and education.


This is more than a show. This is a movement to connect and uplift the African diaspora, and be the story tellers of OUR story; the Black voice is defining its own destiny - that is S.O.S.

About SOS

Meet Mary Evans

Mary Evans is the Executive Producer and Host of Share Our Stories. She is a serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, and philanthropist. Mary has a heart that searches the needs of anyone around her and she is at the forefront of a refreshed wave of economic advancement through collaboration. Her passion for the advancement of the Black community is unwavering and her consistency as a powerhouse in the community has created a strong following that pays attention to her moves. Seeing the Black community build Generational wealth and unity is at the core of her brand.

Mary is known for her ability to empower others as a CEO, venue owner, and personality. Share Our Stories is a natural extension of this ability; she is empowering the Black voice, the soul of the Black community, and the legacy of the African Diaspora.


Let's Talk About Your Story!

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